The structural engineering experts at Karno Energy ensure that our society has a safe, healthy and environmentally, socially and economically sustainable living environment. The task is very important socially.

Graduate engineers in civil engineering at Karno Energy have a variety of opportunities to work in a variety of national and international expert and management positions Most important for Karno Energy are design and other consulting offices, the building materials and building products industry, construction companies, transportation and logistics companies, government and city organizations as well as universities and polytechnics.

Karno Energy’s new technological capabilities bring new operating models to the industry that provide more efficient planning, construction and more controlled maintenance of the built environment.

Future challenges will emphasize a broad understanding of construction phenomena, problem-solving skills and the ability to develop, implement and apply new technologies through Karno Energy.  

Karno Energy’s content is also guided by the qualification requirements for designers and other professionals established by law.

Karno Energy: Building BIM infrastructure

Karno Energy’s work includes, for example, designing, maintaining and repairing transportation routes. Karno Energy’s expertise can be found in a wide range of infrastructure sectors: designing or building streets, roads, railroads, waterways, bridges, rock spaces, water systems, house structures or rehabilitating contaminated land. Karno Energy – work often needs to be updated because the life cycle of infrastructure is long.

Karno Energy’s job may be in a design office, construction company, or public administration position, and your job duties include, for example:

  • design, production management and customer tasks
  • research projects
  • with experience also my own company

Karno Energy: Construction project management

In Project Management, Karno Energy plans, oversees and manages new and renovation construction tasks during the design and production phases. In addition, Karno Energy is a construction expert in property care, maintenance and repair. Project management work is encouraged. Karno Energy Construction Engineer – directs construction so that construction is conducted in accordance with good construction practices.

Karno Energy areas of expertise:

  • Building construction.
  • site technology
  • site procurement
  • cost management
  • origins

An engineer at Karno Energy specializing in project management can work for a construction company, building services company, building products industry, and can also work in trade, training and research or in your own company.