Originally, joo casino australia didn’t have any other promotions other than the aforementioned cashback. The campaign side has also come to life, and now free spins are sometimes available through campaigns . You should always check your current promotions before playing.

No recycling is required for the welcome bonus.

Welcome to Joo Casino without any recycling requirements. So if you don’t manage to double your account balance within the first day, but you lose money, you will get back your full initial deposit of up to €25. That’s real money right away, and you don’t have to recycle it. You can even withdraw the money if you want, as the minimum withdrawal is only 10 euros.

Playing without recirculation conditions and other restrictions is wildly liberating. However, if you participate in campaigns, be sure to read the terms and conditions of each campaign individually.

Joo Casino’s bonus terms and conditions are the easiest to get. The general terms and conditions of the casino are also easy to read in English.

Joo Casino: Phenomenally fast money transfers

Joo Casino has thrown many of the old payment methods into the trash after the rebuild. Trustly handles both money transactions and identification so smartly that no one else needs anything. Everything is handled with bank IDs.

At Joo Casino, money transfers fly in both directions, from customer to casino and from casino to customer, very quickly. Reliably, the payment service provider makes sure that everything goes as quickly and securely as possible. It is a reliable payment service provider in Scandinavia, which is also used by several different online stores and other online casinos.

Joo Casino – Deposits are placed Trustly

Joo Casino has only one payment method: Trustly. A new type of technology BankID allows players no longer register a gaming account separately and provide their information, and make deposits directly from online banking to the gaming website. There, the money also remains in the automatically created gaming account, even if the page is closed for a moment or longer.

Starting and making a deposit at Joo Casino is easy :

  • Enter the amount in the deposit box and select a bank.
  • Identify yourself with your bank’s authentication method.
  • Confirm your payment.
  • You can give Joo Casino your email address so it can send you, for example, information about offers, but you don’t have to give the address.
  • Start playing games or betting on sports and have fun!

Endless Fast Withdrawals at Joo Casino

Withdrawals are processed immediately by Joo Casino. The money will arrive in your bank account as soon as you make a withdrawal request. If and when your winnings roll in, you can cash them out in a few clicks.

  • Click on the site to see your balance.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click  » Withdraw » . Voila!
  • Most banks will receive the money within minutes, although the message after the withdrawal says it may take a few days to process.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the casino is 10 euros. This can encourage withdrawals of even smaller amounts, especially if there is no withdrawal fee.

Before withdrawing to traditional online casinos, you must send various documents to verify the identity of the players. These are usually a copy of a picture rack, a household account, and a statement. Joo Casino doesn’t need to adjust to them, at least not if the winnings aren’t skyrocketing. As remittances approach 2,000 euros, Joo Casino may also request additional player identity verification.