Minimum Deposit Casino is an imprint of the famous Genesis Casino. Genesis is a well-known company in the world, especially for its Pelaa Casino, which is geared towards the Canadian market. The company also has a ton of other gaming pages, of which there are over 20 different ones in all.

However, this review only focuses on minimum deposit casino, which was released in 2022. Minimum Deposit Casino is a bit different from the style known to Genesis, as, for example, the support page does not have its own sidebar, which is the company’s style, especially with the newer entrants. Minimum Deposit Casino, which has been operating in the wonderful world of the Internet for half a century, is still one of the most traditional sites requiring registration.

In this review, we carefully analyze the offerings of the venue. Under the magnifying glass, you can see the clear appearance, the extensive game selection, all the payment options, and, among other things, the site’s reliability factors. Now you should have a glass of water by your side because everything will be scrutinized in this review. 

Bonus Spins

You’d expect free spins from the name of the gaming site, but hardly anyone would dare to expect so many benefits. The generous welcome package is distributed to the first four deposits as follows: 

  • 1st deposit: a bonus of up to 100% up to CAD 200 and 200 free spins
  • 2nd deposit: Bonus of up to 50% up to 200 CAD with code MIn2
  • 3rd deposit: 25% bonus up to 300 CAD with code MIN3
  • 4th deposit: 25% bonus up to 300 CAD with code MIN4

The package of 200 freespins received with the first deposit is valid for 10 days. This means that the player gets the first package of 20 spins on deposit and the remaining 180 spins over the next 9 days. Free spins are available for the Starburst game from NetEnt.

General view of the spins

The overall look of the page is quite rich. There are all sorts of characters and ads, and there are so many that you can’t keep up with them. The site uses a lot of real people in the promotional pictures, but a few animated characters have also been included. The really saturated page could have been trimmed down a bit. 

In terms of color, the style is also very screaming. The page features all shades of red, black, white, and gray, as well as turquoise and yellow. Even listing it all makes me feel like I’m going crazy, but it’s a bit like that on the page, too. 

The colors are a bit peculiarly chosen because the game categories are an invisible gray, but the fonts of some nonsensical advertising slogan are, again, bright yellow. So the eye wanders from the essential to something else entirely, which is not usually Genesis’ style. Especially their last pages are very minimalist, from which unnecessary nonsense has been removed.

What can I play at Minimum Deposit Casino?

We can’t complain about the choice of games though, as Minimum Deposit Casino has over 1,300 different games on offer. A large and strange group of them is already strongly presented to users on the main page.  

The games have added very small manufacturer logos at the top of the game, which seems like a somewhat snaggy decision. Nevertheless, the manufacturers of the games are visible in the games, so I think this decision should be made as well. 

You can explore the extensive arsenal in more detail by using the search function, for example. The search function doesn’t exceptionally open a new menu, which definitely wouldn’t fit all the options (depending on the search word, of course), and the search function cuts them out of the game menu. In this way, the search query doesn’t have to be absolutely exact; a few letters from the actual game are enough to narrow down most of the choices. 

In addition to the search function, there is a long list of categories on the page, not all of which are immediately visible on the page, but rather a list that the player can browse through. This is a feature I never liked, but the categories should be so compact that they fit on one page. Everyone does it in their own style, and some players might like it.